About Us

Kishanth Engineering Enterprises, established in the year 2013 which is one of the leading technologically advanced foundry in Coimbatore. We believe that finding the right chemistry is key to firm’s future growth and so we have updated our infrastructure with modern tools and machines to meet the requirement of our customers. Kishanth Engineering made rapid growth to achieve full recognition in casting, nihard and patterns etc., which helped many of our customers. We are pledged to deliver high quality product and to provide best quality of service that will result in a long term relationship with us. In Castings, within a span of just one year, has undergone a hundred percent of expansion. With an expertise to produce high quality finished castings by implementing the state-of-the-art technologies. Our foundry is technically equipped to satisfy customers, both for the domestic as well as the International markets.

Our company is an ISO 9001 certified  & Eco Safety certified for both Air and Water. Kishanth well known internationally for its quality standards.

Our Infrastructure

Pattern Shop


We deals with all types of Casting Patterns. The process of casting requires that a cavity be made in composition into which molten material can be poured to produce a unique part. Offered casting are widely appreciated by our clients for their high pressure and temperature resistance.

Casting Foundry


Our Manufacturing Casting process which is used to produce solid metal pieces called casting gray irons, SG irons. That produces metal castings and offers related services such as mold-making, pouring, surface cleaning, degassing, melting, heat treating and other finishing operations.

Nihard Foundry

Cementitic iron that solidifies as austenite with Fe3C carbides. Ni-hard Type A is the least expensive of the Ni-hard alloys, and the most common. It is usually specified for use when combating abrasion only. Features : Heat resistant, Corrosion Proof, Wear and tear resistant, Dimensional accuracy.

Machine Shop

A machine shop uses machine tools and cutting tools to make parts. We have state-of-the art machine shop in which we have high end CNC machines, SPMs and peripheral machines & equipment to offer complete machining solutions. we usually use metal or plastic (but sometimes of other materials).

We aspire to conquer the global art of casting technology. This commitment to excellence is accomplished using the most efficient means.

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